Monthly Archives: January 2018

What are the leading design trends for 2018?

Trends in any creative industry are constantly changing. What was current in last year’s design world can look dated today. That doesn’t mean all design should look the same. However, choosing certain colours, styles, and fonts while avoiding others will help your marketing look very “2018”. So what’s in this year? It might not surprise… Read more »

Stapled documents, wiro bound or perfect bound books

Help your customers decide on the best type of document binding As a print reseller you’re obviously expected to supply quality print and great value for money to clients. However, they also depend on you for professional advice on the best solutions to their marketing problems. When it comes to multi-page documents they’ll depend on… Read more »

Does your trade printer guarantee perfect print?

What you should expect from your trade printer As a print reseller, your reputation depends on the service you supply. Your clients will expect professional, high-quality print, excellent customer service, good turnaround times and great value for money. That’s a lot of responsibility to take on and for your clients, the buck stops with you… Read more »

Successful print selling to today’s marketers

The marketing world has changed – Make sure your sales approach has too We live in a digital world where we’re bombarded with marketing messages from more kinds of media than ever before. That has seen advertisers and marketers change how they do business. As printers, print resellers or print buyers we also have to… Read more »