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Check out these ten top movie poster designs from 2017

Oscar Wilde once said that life imitates art. Maybe it does and very often design trends imitate – or at least draw inspiration from – art and culture. When it comes to design we’re not all fortunate enough to have the same freedom or subject matter as the designers who work on huge projects like movie posters. A great deal of work goes into promoting multi-million dollar movies and the movie poster is a big part of that promotion. We’ve picked out ten movie posters from 2017 we think illustrate great design, creativity and effectively convey moods or styles you might be able to use as inspiration for some of your design in 2018.

The Void

This minimalistic poster uses white space to draw the eye to the image. Simple typography adds to the stark feel of the poster and the design is a great example of how to use space effectively.


The Split

Another very simple idea based on the classic Hitchcock depiction. The silhouette on this background makes for an extremely effective and eye catching poster



Many superhero posters go for an all-action feel, crammed with visuals and typographic information. In stark contrast to that trend this poster uses one very powerful image and minimal text.


Baby Driver

Great use of only two colours and one single image that illustrates what the movie’s all about – crime, violence, fast cars and music. The poster would almost certainly be less striking or effective with a full colour image.


The Shape of Water

A beautiful illustration is perfect for this poster promoting the Oscar winning Guillermo del Toro film. The artwork itself is enough to draw the eye and portray the perfect mood.


It Comes at Night

The poster for this horror film uses a high contrast image to great effect, from the white dog in the foreground to the deep black background. Even the commonly used Times Roman takes on an altogether creepier feel against the depth of the image.


I am Not Your Negro

This poster brilliantly uses large, stark typography and a striking image to ensure you can’t ignore the evocative title and message of the movie.


The Handmaiden

Another great use of illustration, this time inspired by classic Korean art. A beautiful, illustration in its own right, a closer look reveals detailed visual depictions from the story.


Good Time

The most colourful in our selection, this poster actually has only two elements. The illustration and the film title are all that’s required. This poster shows that if you use the right image and text, you don’t need anything else to get noticed.


Get Out

The eyes alone in this black and white poster would be enough to grab the attention. Add the simple sans serif font combined with great use of white space and it’s another great example of how a simple idea can be extremely effective.

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