Designing eye-catching saddle stitched booklets

Saddle Stitched Booklets

One of the most consistently popular products we supply at is the saddle stitched booklet. Over the years we’ve expanded our product range to include everything from printed stickers to 96 sheet billboard posters. However, businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to love our saddle stitched booklets and it’s easy to see why.

Simple, professional and cost effective

Perfect for documents of between eight and 68 pages, saddle stitched booklets are widely used for brochures, catalogues, company reports, magazines, company booklets and many other types of publication. If your saddle stitched document is 24 pages or more we’ll square off the spine so it won’t spring open. Saddle stitched booklets can be turned around quickly and you can order as many or as few as you need.

Highly professional looking without costing the earth, saddle stitched booklets are the perfect way to market businesses, products or services.

Great design goes a long way

With any kind of printed marketing, competition for your readers’ attention is fierce. So ensure that your saddle stitched booklet is well designed by a professional designer.

Get a great cover

The cover is the first thing a potential reader will see. Make sure it grabs the attention for all the right reasons. We’ll help you with perfect print from our market-leading HP Indigo digital presses. Your colours will be vibrant; your images sharp, clear and perfectly reproduced. When a potential customer sees your cover, it must persuade them to pick up the booklet to find out what’s inside.

Get a great headline

A catchy headline will certainly help your saddle stitched booklet get noticed and read. Make it short and snappy. Don’t clutter the cover with too much text or nobody will bother to read it.

Keep readers interested with great content

Once a reader has opened your booklet, make sure they stay engaged with clean, professional design and well-written content. Don’t be afraid of white space – Many designers use this to great effect. You don’t need to fill every page with graphics, images and text.

Spread your design

Saddle stitched booklets open flat. That means you can have your design covering the entire spread and that can be extremely eye-catching and effective!

Think about paper

The paper on which your design is printed can be as important as the design itself. At we understand that and that’s why we offer a huge range of premium uncoated, silk and gloss papers in a variety of weights and styles. Check out our website for the full range including our stunning luxury papers that will really make your design stand out.

At we supply saddle stitched booklets for all sorts of clients. Private customers, small businesses and large organisations know they can trust us to be their perfect print partners. We’ve worked extremely hard for over 20 years to earn our reputation as trustworthy, reliable printers who deliver the highest quality print every time. We’ll make sure your saddle stitched booklets look and feel stylish and professional. We’ll ensure that we deliver your booklets on time wherever you need them. Our quality and our service is guaranteed, so if you haven’t already registered as a trade customer, join us today. As a new trade customer you’ll get 50% off your first order and free delivery. You can get instant quotes, upload artwork, order your print and arrange delivery online so visit and start enjoying great trade only benefits today!

Saddle Stitched Booklets

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