What’s the best way to enhance your digital campaign? Print!

What’s the best way to enhance your digital campaign? Print!

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OK, so your digital strategy is in place. You’ve identified your demographic, know where they are and how to reach them. But, if you’re really serious about winning the hearts and mind of your potential audience, you’ll invest in offline too.

That means PRINT.

And if you’re a digital business or marketer who thinks that print is dead, you’re missing a trick. Because when everyone else is zigging (in this case, going digital), it’s often a really good idea to zag (in this case, hit print).

More than that, however, adding a print element to your campaign means you’re covering all of the bases: essential to turning up the volume on your campaign in every possible way.


A great example of this is how savvy, innovative digital companies are using the power of high quality, glossy printed magazines or brochures to complement their online brand and really put their message into their brand advocates’ hands. Even creating additional revenue streams along the way….

Net A Porter publish Porter, which is billed as ‘200 pages of the ultimate fashion inspiration’. The brand bills their publication as the world’s first global women’s magazine, creating aspiration and intrigue, and offering a highly stylised, state-of-the-art shopping experience.


All of the big supermarkets across the UK boast their own lifestyle magazines that can be picked up in-store for free.

These light publications showcase what’s in season, producers and shoppers, giving busy shoppers ideas and inspiration for everything from money saving recipes to lifestyle tips.


The latest report from the Content Marketing Institute reveals that 50% of businesses involved in content marketing use print or other offline promotion to promote content.

When you get print and digital working together you can produce joined up marketing that is greater than the sum of its parts. And when you consider the power that print brings to the mix, it’s definitely worth checking out how it can fit in with your strategy.

One excellent example is how QR codes in print quickly and easily take a consumer from offline to online, play videos and merge their physical and digital experience seamlessly.


Some people just like to hold things in their hands. These are not digital natives who are used to being online many times in the day. But they will go online for good reason. So giving them a great reason, through their letterbox, in print and in black and white (or full colour!) is an easy, effective way to take them to your digital presence.

Even better, do something really nice in print and you’re putting your brand right in their hands, on their coffee table or in their business reception area… for everyone to see.


Why are you collecting likes and email addresses online if not to give those people something of value? That might be a discount, a free membership or some other incentive to engage and keep engaging with your brand. If you can also get their address too and send the something personal, putting it right into their hands, then you’re into real WOW! territory, demonstrating you’re investing in them as a customer and giving them something of real value. They’ll thank you for it.


Yes, there are many digital means of following around warm leads online. But how personal can your message really be?  Innovative print techniques – and our investment in them – mean that print is more personal than ever.

Digital marketing is effective because of its inherent flexibility, with ads and promotions catering to the audience’s browser history and interests.  Print media has the same potential for personalisation – and the added benefit of feeling more substantial. A printed brochure has infinitely more kudos over a pop up or banner ad in the eyes of the consumer.


People like to pass print around – it’s that simple. So if you make it good, more of your potential audience are going to talk about it and pass it on to people they know who are interested in your message.


So, as we’ve established, on paper, print is still a viable and valuable marketing tool. Off paper, it can be even better. We’re talking outdoor, 48 sheets and backlit billboards: the on street possibilities are everywhere.  We’re talking brochures and banners, leaflets and flyers,  perfect bound books and brochures.

Just ask!

So, don’t listen to the naysayers: listen to your customers and give them what they want.

Print marketing continues to evolve, develop and, with the right idea and strategy, is as effective as it ever was. Just one last thing – as with any marketing activity, online and offline, this is a essential:


Like this one:

Ordering trade printing services from TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk is as easy as 1,2,3:

  • Select your product
  • Upload your artwork
  • Submit your order

We’ll take care of the rest – including, if you wish, delivering directly to your customers, using plain, unbranded packaging.

Just get in touch, we’d be delighted to see how we can help.

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