Why great imagery makes great poster campaigns

Outdoor PostersIt used to be only large corporates that could afford outdoor poster campaigns. These days, however, advancements in printing techniques and the rise of online poster printing services mean that even 48 and 96 sheet posters can be printed affordably with no minimum quantity. Because of a number of people who’ll see your poster, outdoor advertising is the most cost effective form of marketing with 92% of shoppers saying they’d seen a poster 30 minutes before buying. Of course, this means that every agency and marketer is looking at poster advertising as a way to serve their clients. So how can you make sure that your posters jump out from the maelstrom of advertising all around us? It’s all in the imagery.

The power of pictures
While the exact origins of the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” are disputed, no one can deny its accuracy or doubt the power of great pictures. From infamous images of war to iconic sports pics such as Gazza crying, we all take note of stories or messages if they’re illustrated with powerful imagery. That’s really handy when it comes to posters because space is at a premium.

Embrace the unusual
Use unique or humorous photos. Play with colours and composition. With Photoshop you can dramatically change and combine images. Any picture that looks out of place or jars against its surroundings will certainly grab the attention and is very effective in getting your message noticed. With poster design, there really are no limits to what you can do creatively with your image.

Talk your client out of cheesy stock images
It’s much easier to drop in a stock image than it is to have a picture taken, but rarely as effective. If clients don’t have good pictures specific to the message you’re putting across and you have to use stock images, find something that looks genuine or unique. The image doesn’t have to literally depict the message; in fact, it’s often better if it doesn’t. However, it must engage people – something that bland stock images don’t do.

One picture can say it all
As we mentioned with news and sports imagery a single, quality picture is usually much more effective than using a larger number of images on a poster. People may only look briefly at a poster so they won’t process too much information. Some of the most effective poster campaigns use one great image and little or no text. If your image is truly great, you won’t need to depend on much text.

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