Trade exhibition? It pays to be prepared.

Make the most of any event with professional promotion

Trade Exhibition PrintingThe great thing about trade shows and exhibitions is that everyone who attends has made a conscious decision to do so. That means they are all potential customers to both exhibitors and other attendees. If you’ve ever provided marketing for a trade show or event or exhibited at one, you’ll know that there’s much more to it than turning up and standing behind a table waiting to be approached.

Businesses and traders who make the most of the exhibitions all start preparing weeks in advance and share many of the same habits. If you’re supplying marketing materials for a trade exhibition, you can really benefit your client and add value to your service by working with them in a number of ways in the weeks leading up to the event.

Plan ahead
When you know where the show is to be held you can start thinking seriously about marketing for the exhibition. If you’re going to use booklets, posters, and roller banner stands, you might make them specific to the event, but also to the venue, town or city. That can foster a greater connection with local attendees or exhibitors. You can also use posters and sticker campaigns in the surrounding area that people will see in the weeks leading up to the event and on their way to the event itself.

Have clear objectives
By checking who’ll be exhibiting and attending you can target certain types of customers or even specific potential clients. For example, if you want to increase clients in the hospitality sector, you can create your marketing message to appeal to bars, hotels, and restaurants. Roll up banner stands, vinyl banners and posters with the right message will draw your target customers to the stand.

Know the location of your stand
Check the plan of the hall and visit if possible. Then you can see where your marketing will be and if there are any obstacles that might obscure the stand or promotion. If you’re using roller banners, remember to put your message and logo at the top in to avoid important information being lost behind tables or other exhibitors’ materials.

Invite existing and potential customers
The exhibitors will invite existing customers and so should you. The busier the stand, the better it looks. Invite potential customers too so that they can see the advantages of great marketing. You can offer exclusive deals for show attendees. Everyone loves special offers and they’re a great way to increase existing business and gain new customers.

Stand out with a great stand
One thing you can be sure of at any trade exhibition is competition, so know your client’s competitors and find out how they usually advertise. Posters and vinyl banners can also grab the attention while brochures and leaflets can give more information. And don’t forget business cards! Trade exhibitions are an ideal opportunity to upsell your products and one sale for your client will often more than make up for their marketing investment.

With the right planning and professionally printed marketing, trade exhibitions can be goldmines for any business. supply an extensive range of printed marketing and large format products. We use only top of the range HP Indigo presses to produce the exceptional print quality and our high definition large format printers are at the leading edge of their field. Trade customers enjoy exclusive offers, trade only deals, low print prices and trade benefits. To register and get 50% off your first order as well as free delivery, visit or contact our trade print team today.

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