Print Like a Pro: Your Top 5 Guide to Perfect Trade Print

Trade Printing

People Love Print: It’s as Tactile as it is Visual. 

A great design, vibrant colour and an exciting format go a long way to getting your business’s message across, setting out your stall in terms of quality values, building your brand and maintaining your profile. But it’s got to be right. Every business has different print requirements and having been in this business for more than 20 years, we’ve seen them all. So it’s a good job that print options, from paper stock to glossy finish, are virtually limitless. If you want to be really interesting in print – and believe us, print can be even more engaging and interactive than any kind of digital activity – take a few tips from the top.

Trade Digital Print – Inspiration for Perfect Print

1. Get Creative

Don’t just follow the tried and tested format. Bring different elements together to mix it up and give your audience something to go WOW! about. That might be an unexpected colour combination, a paper stock that feels distinctly different, or a fold that reveals something unexpected. For example: in almost every sector, Annual Reports are bland and boring. Take yours to the next level with inspired print and you’re turning a reporting requirement into yet another marketing or brand building opportunity.

2. Create an Experience

Don’t start with the print format and squeeze your message onto it. Think more about the message, the story you want to tell or the experience you want to give your audience. And then create the format around that. This is an incredible way to build interactivity and amplify your message: great print gets handed around and maximises your chances of word of mouth recommendation. It also helps that people will think you’re pretty cool and very confident. So don’t be afraid to be bold!

3. Get Out More

When small businesses think of print, they think of a business card or brochure or a direct mail piece. Small businesses who want to be big businesses think… bigger of course! Our print capacity allows us to produce bigger formats for all kinds of outdoor applications, from banners to billboards and that’s a lot of eyeballs! Regardless of the rise of digital, outdoor remains a compelling marketing medium and is getting ever more creative by the day – you can’t beat a strong headline and creative image for instant impact.

4. Keep it Simple

Before you even approach a printer, break your message down into its most essential parts. Do your research – with friends and family if necessary – to find out what people want to know. Then hit them with a clear message in the most creative way: visually, with humour, insight or empathy. What does this do? It means you can save on print costs by producing the most focused message possible in the most economic format (no wasted pages). And it means you’re not wasting your audience’s time – they get the information they need in the best and quickest way… hey presto, everyone’s happy!

5. Talk to Your Printer

Before you get too far into the planning process and committed your budget (or more than your budget), talk through your ideas with your printer. Fancy ideas and finishes can add cost, but your printer may have other ideas about how to bring your project in on budget with the maximum standout. A good trade printer will advise where you can reduce spend elsewhere on colour, paper or binding for example. And we’re right here for you. We can guarantee to price match, a really fast turnaround and the best quality print available anywhere. If you want to be even more creative, we can help with that too. Sign up today to get 50% off your first trade print order.

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