Perfect print for the perfect pitch

Business people in a meetingHow great print can help your new business presentation

Pitching to potential and even existing clients can be a nervy affair. You know others are out there trying to take that business – your business. That’s why you perfect everything from your presentation to the delivery of your concepts and designs. One area in which you can ensure quality is the print you bring to your pitch and leave with the customer. Read Full Article

Effective exhibition stands – The best design advice for your clients

exhibition standsClients trust designers to come up with ideas and graphics that look great and more importantly, work. Some print resellers don’t see this as within their remit but offering good design advice really adds value to your service, especially with clients who supply their own layouts but also with designers who are not used to working with certain media.

Exhibition stands are specialist products that are great for your print reselling business. They can lead to great markups and give you the opportunity to sell further print and marketing used at exhibitions, shows and events. Read Full Article

How to create perfect point of sale advertising


Our wonderful UK summer may not always bring perfect weather but it certainly brings great sales opportunities. Many businesses see POS advertising simply as in-store signage, but it’s much more than that. There are many ways to get greater reach from POS advertising and we’ve listed a few that our trade customers use to help clients make a real impact on sales. Read Full Article

Great invite formats for your clients

invitesAs a print reseller, you probably have clients who from time to time invite customers and potential clients to events and functions. Whether your customer is running an event, launching a new brand or even hosting a private function, they’ll want a good attendance – and that starts with the invite.

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Enhance great designs even more with beautiful luxury paper


As a print reseller, print buyer or designer your reputation depends on the quality of products you source and supply to your clients. Your reputation depends on every job being of the very highest quality and that means perfect print on the best paper.
Of course you can choose from premium uncoated, silk and gloss paper and at we only use the very best stock for every job. But when you want something a little different or extra special, have a look at our stunning luxury paper range. Read Full Article

Do you sometimes need inspiration to help get your creativity flowing?


Check out these ten top movie poster designs from 2017

Oscar Wilde once said that life imitates art. Maybe it does and very often design trends imitate – or at least draw inspiration from – art and culture. When it comes to design we’re not all fortunate enough to have the same freedom or subject matter as the designers who work on huge projects like movie posters. A great deal of work goes into promoting multi-million dollar movies and the movie poster is a big part of that promotion. We’ve picked out ten movie posters from 2017 we think illustrate great design, creativity and effectively convey moods or styles you might be able to use as inspiration for some of your design in 2018.

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Wholesale print for resellers

Print Reseller

Print reselling explained

If you organise or manage print for your clients but don’t actually print the products yourself, you’re a print reseller. You might be a designer, buy print for your agency or simply seek out and supply print from a supplier. Reselling print means you don’t have to buy presses and equipment, but instead use the services of a trade printer. Read Full Article

Customer rewards that keep on coming

2018-03-15 14_25_03-Print Reseller Program - Print Resellers - Trade Print Discount Codes


One more reason to choose
Sometimes it seems that we collect points almost everywhere we go. And if we’re lucky and hang in there long enough we might even get a reward somewhere down the line.
Well, at we don’t think that’s a great way to treat customers. That’s why we give our loyal customers savings with every single order. Here’s how it works: Read Full Article

Why our swatch book could be your most effective sales tool

Free Swatch Book

When selling print you can demonstrate the print quality you supply by showing previous jobs. If you’re a designer your artwork and designs can be approved online or using hard copies from a desktop printer. When it comes to the paper however, how can you show clients what to expect? Carry around a huge variety of jobs on different papers or pay for paper samples from stock companies? Read Full Article

Five effective ways to sell print

There are plenty of printers, print brokers and print resellers offering printing services to business. All offer great customer service and great prices. However, many use similar sales techniques or pitches and that can turn off potential customers. So what can you do to turn that lead or even cold call into a customer? Read Full Article