Why our swatch book could be your most effective sales tool

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When selling print you can demonstrate the print quality you supply by showing previous jobs. If you’re a designer your artwork and designs can be approved online or using hard copies from a desktop printer. When it comes to the paper however, how can you show clients what to expect? Carry around a huge variety of jobs on different papers or pay for paper samples from stock companies?
Given that print is all about putting ink on paper your clients will expect to know what type of paper their job will be printed on. That’s why the TradeDigitalPrint swatch book is such a valuable sales tool. It’s absolutely free to all of our trade customers and completely unbranded so your supplier confidentiality won’t be compromised.

Feel the weight
We’ve all been with a customer and found ourselves trying to explain the weight of paper by lifting books or magazines close by, holding up a page and saying something like “quite like that but slightly heavier”. It hardly fills a customer with confidence. As printers, designers or print resellers we can imagine the thickness of 150gsm paper but your clients will probably have no idea what 150 grams per square metre feels like. The TradeDigitalPrint swatch book contains papers in weights across our extensive range. Clients or potential customers can feel different paper weights for themselves and that can be invaluable in building confidence or closing a sale.

Feel the quality
It’s extremely hard to explain the quality and texture of a specific paper type. We offer a huge range of papers and they’re all included in our swatch book so your clients can see and feel the options available to them. You can easily demonstrate the difference between uncoated, silk and gloss finishes. The swatch book even contains speciality stocks and samples of our luxury papers with their beautiful colours, sheens, finishes and textures – great for showing the full scale of your range and very handy for upselling.

TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk supply digital and large format print products exclusively to trade customers. Once registered you can enjoy trade only prices, special offers and rewards. All of our digitally printed products are produced using our HP Indigo presses so you know you’re getting the best print quality available with every job you order. To find out more about the advantages of partnering with TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk, view our product range or order your swatch book, simply visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk or contact our specialised trade print team today.

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Swatch Book

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