Do you sometimes need inspiration to help get your creativity flowing?


Check out these ten top movie poster designs from 2017

Oscar Wilde once said that life imitates art. Maybe it does and very often design trends imitate – or at least draw inspiration from – art and culture. When it comes to design we’re not all fortunate enough to have the same freedom or subject matter as the designers who work on huge projects like movie posters. A great deal of work goes into promoting multi-million dollar movies and the movie poster is a big part of that promotion. We’ve picked out ten movie posters from 2017 we think illustrate great design, creativity and effectively convey moods or styles you might be able to use as inspiration for some of your design in 2018.

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Wholesale print for resellers

Print Reseller

Print reselling explained

If you organise or manage print for your clients but don’t actually print the products yourself, you’re a print reseller. You might be a designer, buy print for your agency or simply seek out and supply print from a supplier. Reselling print means you don’t have to buy presses and equipment, but instead use the services of a trade printer. Read Full Article

Customer rewards that keep on coming

2018-03-15 14_25_03-Print Reseller Program - Print Resellers - Trade Print Discount Codes


One more reason to choose
Sometimes it seems that we collect points almost everywhere we go. And if we’re lucky and hang in there long enough we might even get a reward somewhere down the line.
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Why our swatch book could be your most effective sales tool

Free Swatch Book

When selling print you can demonstrate the print quality you supply by showing previous jobs. If you’re a designer your artwork and designs can be approved online or using hard copies from a desktop printer. When it comes to the paper however, how can you show clients what to expect? Carry around a huge variety of jobs on different papers or pay for paper samples from stock companies? Read Full Article

Five effective ways to sell print

There are plenty of printers, print brokers and print resellers offering printing services to business. All offer great customer service and great prices. However, many use similar sales techniques or pitches and that can turn off potential customers. So what can you do to turn that lead or even cold call into a customer? Read Full Article

Help your clients choose the right colour palette for their brochure

Get in the mood with colour

Trade Print Brochures

We all have favourite colours and our clients are no different. However, often the colours they think “look nice” are not the best colour choices for their latest campaign – or their target market. When clients look to designers and marketers for advice on their new company brochure they don’t always know what colour combinations will best portray their business or their message. Many businesses already have extensive colour palettes and a clear corporate identity. Whether or not that’s the case, most rely on their designers to advise on all of the creativity for their new brochure, from content to colour. Read Full Article

What are the leading design trends for 2018?

Print Design TrendsTrends in any creative industry are constantly changing. What was current in last year’s design world can look dated today. That doesn’t mean all design should look the same. However, choosing certain colours, styles, and fonts while avoiding others will help your marketing look very “2018”. So what’s in this year? It might not surprise you that like other creative mediums, design is going retro, with the design styles we’ll see across the UK design and trade print industry this year drawing inspiration from as far back as the 1920s. Read Full Article

Stapled documents, wiro bound or perfect bound books

Stapled documents, wiro bound or perfect bound books

Stapled documents, wiro bound or perfect binding

Help your customers decide on the best type of document binding

As a print reseller you’re obviously expected to supply quality print and great value for money to clients. However, they also depend on you for professional advice on the best solutions to their marketing problems. When it comes to multi-page documents they’ll depend on you to advise on paper, size and importantly, binding.

There are three types of binding commonly used and each has advantages for certain types of documents. So what type of binding should you recommend for your client’s new project?

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Does your trade printer guarantee perfect print?

What you should expect from your trade printer

Good Trade Printer

As a print reseller, your reputation depends on the service you supply. Your clients will expect professional, high-quality print, excellent customer service, good turnaround times and great value for money. That’s a lot of responsibility to take on and for your clients, the buck stops with you so it’s essential that you can depend on your print supplier. There are plenty of online printers and before you decide which one is your best partner in print there are a few questions you should ask. In short, you need guarantees. Read Full Article

Successful print selling to today’s marketers

The marketing world has changed – Make sure your sales approach has tooSelling print To Marketers

We live in a digital world where we’re bombarded with marketing messages from more kinds of media than ever before. That has seen advertisers and marketers change how they do business. As printers, print resellers or print buyers we also have to change how we approach print selling to marketers and that requires us to really understand their needs in the modern world. Read Full Article