PrintWeek 2017 Awards – Best in Class!

Trade Digtial Print - SME of the Year (4) is delighted to announce that, Northside Graphics which owns and operates has been shortlisted in the SME of the year category at this year’s PrintWeek 2017 Awards, which take place on the 16th October in London.

The PrintWeek Awards recognises the brightest and best the UK print industry has to offer and we’re thrilled to have made the cut for such a prestigious finalist list. The competition was stiff and making the shortlist serves as recognition of the continued investment we make in new technology and the team across Northside Graphics, and With three other industry awards in the bag since 2015, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed to have another to add to the collection next month. Read Full Article

Top tips for designing an effective roll up banner stand

Roll Up Banner StandRoll up banner stands serve a multitude of purposes. They might advertise one-off events or be used more widely to introduce a business in trade shows or conferences. That’s why at we supply an extensive range of types and sizes to suit every purpose whether you need a stand you can use again and again for years, or something for a particular event.

Different medium – different rules Roll up banner stands are as important as any part of the marketing mix, but their design rules differ slightly due to how and where the stands are used. Roll up banner stands need to grab attention and get their message across in seconds. To make sure your roll up banner stand is really effective we’ve published a few tips you can use as a guide. Read Full Article

Trade exhibition? It pays to be prepared.

Make the most of any event with professional promotion

Trade Exhibition PrintingThe great thing about trade shows and exhibitions is that everyone who attends has made a conscious decision to do so. That means they are all potential customers to both exhibitors and other attendees. If you’ve ever provided marketing for a trade show or event or exhibited at one, you’ll know that there’s much more to it than turning up and standing behind a table waiting to be approached.

Businesses and traders who make the most of the exhibitions all start preparing weeks in advance and share many of the same habits. If you’re supplying marketing materials for a trade exhibition, you can really benefit your client and add value to your service by working with them in a number of ways in the weeks leading up to the event. Read Full Article

Why great imagery makes great poster campaigns

Outdoor PostersIt used to be only large corporates that could afford outdoor poster campaigns. These days, however, advancements in printing techniques and the rise of online poster printing services mean that even 48 and 96 sheet posters can be printed affordably with no minimum quantity. Because of a number of people who’ll see your poster, outdoor advertising is the most cost effective form of marketing with 92% of shoppers saying they’d seen a poster 30 minutes before buying. Of course, this means that every agency and marketer is looking at poster advertising as a way to serve their clients. So how can you make sure that your posters jump out from the maelstrom of advertising all around us? It’s all in the imagery. Read Full Article

Top tips for discussing document binding options with your clients

Document BindingWhen discussing document binding with your clients, it’s important to understand that different binding methods are suited for certain documents. For example, a small document such as a simple brochure or booklet is easier to bind than a thick document. If your clients are unsure of what type of binding is right for them, it’s a good idea to point them in the right direction according to their specific needs and preferences. Below, we have gathered some of our top tips for choosing the right binding option for certain documents and how you can discuss these options with your clients:

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Five things to remember when designing for Online Digital Printing

Print ResellersAt many of our customers are designers or resell print to designers and other businesses. While working with so many creatives and industry professionals means that the standard of artwork we receive is consistently extremely high, mistakes or oversights in artwork can occur. If we spot an issue with artwork that might cause a problem we get in touch right away and often our customers tell us they were so wrapped up in the design process that they overlooked something simple. It’s easily done – especially when deadlines are tight.

To help our trade customers and based on the most common artwork oversights we find, we’ve put together a list of five things to check when supplying artwork for online digital printing:

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Great sales opportunities with stapled documents

Stapled DocumentsWhen your clients should use stapled documents
Stapled documents have been one of our most popular print products for a great many years and are always in high demand from our trade customers. As a designer or a print reseller, saddle stitched documents are great weapons to add to your sales arsenal. They’re one of the most cost effective types of booklet, they look great and they can be turned around really quickly. There are a number of advantages of stapled documents and explaining these can be very helpful when selling print to your clients. Read Full Article

Why we love booklet printing (and you should too)

booklet printing

Booklets, brochures and other printed documents have always been a popular part of the marketing arsenal. At we offer a full and comprehensive booklet printing service to our UK trade customers. If you’re in business you should think about booklet printing as way to promote your brand, products or services. If you resell print, booklet printing is a great service to offer your clients. Read Full Article

Folded leaflet printing

Five ways to get the most out of industry conferences

Industry conferences and events are great marketing opportunities. Whether you’re exhibiting or visiting you have a great opportunity to get your message across to other businesses and a variety of potential customers all in one place.

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Leave a lasting impression on prospective clients with stapled documents

Stapled Documents When it comes to meeting potential new customers, whether at an arranged meeting or at a business or informal event, it’s really important to make – and leave – a great and lasting impression. For over 20 years at, we’ve helped our customers do this with business cards, leaflets, flyers, postcards, booklets and brochures along with an extensive full range of printed marketing products. Always popular among our trade customers is the simple stapled document. Also known as saddle stitched booklets, stapled documents are a great option when you want to leave a professional piece of marketing collateral with a prospective client. Read Full Article