What’s Phygital Marketing all about?

Phygital is a term coined to describe modern promotional campaigns that combine both digital and physical marketing techniques. The next generation of consumers, currently in their teens, may have only interacted with online or digital marketing. But that doesn’t mean they won’t engage with print – quite the opposite. All research on the subject suggests that the most effective advertising combines both digital and physical media. That’s what we call Phygital marketing.

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Engage with the Next Generation!

Those born after around 1995 don’t even distinguish between the online and physical worlds. They can no more imagine a world without internet than older people can imagine a world without phones or books. They interact with each other and with marketing across online, visual, audio and print media without seeing a divide between them.

At TradDigitalPrint.co.uk we see customers use direct mail to build brand awareness or drive traffic to their websites and social media pages. We also see customers print brochures and catalogues to work alongside their online marketing. Great promotional campaigns go both ways. That’s Phygital marketing at work!

Why go Phygital?

All research demonstrates that print marketing is very much alive in this digital age. It’s cost-effective and it works. Studies in the US show that each dollar spent on direct mail advertising makes an average of over $12.50. 63% of consumers read the direct mail they receive and 65% of all ages have bought something as a result of it. Compare that to the average of 25% who open email marketing and you’ll see how print is a vital part of your company’s marketing.

And if you combine your print and digital marketing, research shows that your results will improve even more.

Direct mail:

  • boosts the return on your marketing investment by around 20% when it’s part of an integrated campaign
  • increases the response to online advertising campaigns by 62%

So, how do I go Phygital?

Do your Research

Any successful campaign starts with good market research. Who is your target audience? Where do they go? What do they watch? How do they interact?

Measure your Success – and Act on your Findings

At TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk we often see customers include QR codes or personalised landing pages (PURLs) on their printed marketing. This allows them to track and measure responders. Many of our trade customers who offer design and print services to their clients now suggest this. Tracking responses is invaluable in growing business and understanding consumer trends and habits.

Why not Find a Partner?

If digital marketing isn’t your area or you’re unsure about how to get started, think about working with a proven fulfilment partner. They’ll help you understand and improve your knowledge of the digital world and how to combine it with traditional print advertising to get the best results. Then your service will be truly Phygital!

Register at www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk today and see the full range of benefits our trade customers enjoy. Our website shows information on our huge range of products. You can get an instant quote, upload artwork and order online, so visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk or contact us today!

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