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1500mm Wide

Great quality that's extra wide!

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  • 1500mm Roll Up Stand

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This 1500mm wide roll-up is the largest of our best selling Gold stands. It’s 700mm wider than the standard version, giving you maximum advertising space. Our wider stand is easy to transport so you can use it anywhere from your own premises to trade shows and events. The 1500mm stand also retains the durability, quality and ease of set up you’ve come to expect from all our Gold roll-up stands.

The stand is 2000mm tall when erected. As well as the 1500mm wider version, you can also choose from widths of 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. The stand comes complete with printed graphic and a padded carry bag. It is very light and set up is simple making it easy to transport to offsite events and exhibitions. For example, a Gold 1500mm roll-up stand including the printed graphic, weighs less than 6kg. The stand is fully retractable and pulls up using a bungee pole which slots into position when the stand is erected.  

All our stands are easy to order online. Simply upload your artwork on to the template provided. As a trade customer you’ll enjoy great prices and offers; very handy if you’re supplying or sourcing roll-up stands for your customers. If you need advice choosing a suitable roll up stand, simply check the product page or speak to us today!

 *Order 10 or more Gold 1500mm roll-up stands in the same online order for less than £101 each. Artwork can be different for each stand, (Each additional artwork supplied costs only £2). VAT added where applicable. Price does not include delivery.

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The Gold roll-up 1500mm stand including the printed graphic stands at 2000mm tall when fully erect. It also comes in widths of 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm. 

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