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'Bronze' Roll Up Stand

Looking for an economy roll-up stand? You’ve found it!

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Looking for an economy roll-up stand? You’ve found it! Our Bronze pull-up stand is perfect for short-term use or for one-off events. But don’t be fooled into thinking that just because this is our entry-level stand, we must have scrimped on the quality. Our customers at TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk know that’s simply not what we do!

The Bronze stand comes with the same high quality printed graphics as all of our stands. The main difference between this stand and our Silver, Gold and Platinum stands is that the graphic is attached using an adhesive strip, whereas the Silver stand has a snap rail which tends to be more sturdy and last longer. 

If you do want a stand that you can use at multiple locations again and again, we recommend you take a look at our Silver, Gold and Platinum stands.  We’ve supplied these to our trade customers for many years and they know that these stands will never let you down!

Like all our roll-ups, the Bronze stand comes complete with a printed graphic and padded carry bag. The visible area of the graphic is 2000mm (height) x 800mm (width). When supplying artwork, remember to add a safe area and bleed, so that your message won’t cut off at the bottom. Leave at least 70mm of space at the bottom of your artwork to be safe. The retractable system comes with a bungee pole - just pull it up and slot the pole into position. It couldn’t be easier!

*Order 10 or more Bronze roll-up stands in the same online order from £22.30 each.
Artwork can be different for each stand, (Each additional artwork supplied costs only £2). VAT added where applicable. Price does not include delivery.

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Specification and materials
The Bronze roll-up 800mm stand weighs less than 2.7Kg including the printed graphic and stands at 2000mm tall when fully erect. 

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