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Perfect Bound Books

PUR perfect bound books, the perfect option.

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  • Perfect Bound Books
  • Perfect Bound Books

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Some documents are too thick to be saddle stitched or stapled. If that’s the case, perfect bound could be your ideal solution. With this method, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine with a strong yet flexible adhesive to provide a smooth and stylish finish. Cost effective even at low quantities, PUR perfect binding is always a popular option among our trade customers. 
We only use PUR glue for perfect binding. PUR glue is extremely tolerant to temperature ranges as well as being flexible, non-brittle and very strong. Your book will always keep it's pages in place compared to old style hot melt glue. 

Suitable for documents of between 40 and about 700 pages depending on paper weight. PUR perfect binding is extremely popular for a host of publications, from manuals, reports, brochures, magazines and catalogues, right up to soft-cover books of many hundred pages. We offer our trade customers a wide range of premium and luxury papers in a variety of weights, sizes and finishes, so whether you’re printing this year’s annual report or next year’s trade show brochure, TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk and perfect binding could be your perfect partners. 
To order your perfect bound documents from TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk, simply upload your artwork, submit your order, choose your delivery option and we’ll take care of the rest. We can even deliver directly to your customers, always using plain, unbranded packaging. So why not try us out and let TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk join your team today.

*700 Pages limit depends on inner paper type and weight.   

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High Quality Paper Choices 
Choose from silk, gloss or premium uncoated for a high quality finish.  
Silk coated paper is smooth but without reflections and offers excellent ink to paper contrast. Printed colours appear distinct and clear. A recycled option is available. (130gsm – 350gsm) 
A gloss finish provides a slightly shiny surface with for maximum impact and colour. The ink to paper dries quickly meaning the need for lamination is reduced. (130gsm – 350gsm). 
Premium uncoated  
The printed inks appear flatter due to the absorbency of premium uncoated and the paper has a soft finish. A recycled option is available. (100gsm – 350gsm) 
Matt or Gloss Lamination 
We recommend you always laminate your cover. Lamination is applied after the printing process and will protect your perfect bound books from set off and general wear and tear. Matt lamination gives a softer, more contemporary look to your booklets while gloss lamination enhances vibrancy and gives a higher shine. Lamination is only available on stocks over 250gsm and not available on luxury papers.  

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