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If you’re looking for an original, high impact way to advertise your brand, products or services, it’s hard to see past our see-through window graphics.

TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk customers use our see-through window graphics on everything from shop windows to bus shelters or phone boxes. Your graphics are printed on adhesive backed material so that your message is seen from one side, while the other side is see-through due to a series of fine holes. It’s often used for bus, car and van rear windows, meaning people outside can see the advertising clearly, while the driver can still see out.

See-through window graphics are waterproof and use lightfast inks so they can be used outdoors. They are used on the outside of the glass and as well as being a great way to grab attention, they aid privacy. They also protect from UV and reduce glare.

Our see-through window graphics come in a variety of sizes. This is ideal as their use is restricted on some vehicles as they reduce available light, but we’re always happy to discuss any specific requirements and advise on use.

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See-through window graphics are available in a variety of sizes, come on one-way vision adhesive material with a weight of 180gsm. We offer a range of standard sizes in both landscape and portrait format. 

Flat size available:

-500 x 700mm
-700 x 1000mm
-20 x 30 inches
-30 x 40 inches
-40 x 60 inches  

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