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Self Adhesive Labels

Staggering selection of shapes and sizes

  • Self Adhesive Labels

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There are so many uses for our self adhesive labels it’s hard to know where to start. We produce labels in a staggering selection of shapes and sizes. We also supply CD and DVD adhesive labels. All our label options are printed with a quality gloss paper finish.  

Customers use our printed labels for a vast range of purposes. The versatile nature of branded labels means they can be used for promotional campaigns, address labels, retail tag, point of sale advertising, return labels and package branding. The list goes on and on.

Our A size labels are available in sizes ranging from A7 to A3. They can be printed on top premium 170gsm silk or gloss crackback. Choose from either a portrait or landscape orientation to suit your design. Opt for Water Resistant Permanent Adhesive (Teslin®) for outdoor use

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