10 Common Myths about Print Design and Marketing

Print Marketing

Printed marketing and advertising is everywhere. It’s in our homes, in bars or clubs, on walls, at events and in shops. We see examples of print design every day and you may well hear many so-called facts regarding print advertising, especially if you’re in business.

It’s not always easy to separate the fact from the fiction so below, we’ve debunked 10 common myths you might hear about print:

1. Myth: Print is on the Way out.

Actually, studies continue to show that most people are more likely to engage with print than on-screen information. And young people aged 18-24 are the second most responsive group to direct mail promotions.

 2. Myth:  Printing is Bad for the Environment

At TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk we take environmental issues very seriously. That’s why we recycle 99% of anything that can be used again. Wherever possible we use paper that comes from sustainable forests and we’re extremely strict on saving waste. One of the great advantages of digital print is that there’s no minimum quantity, so you never need to print more than you need.

3. Myth: Printing is Expensive

Our trade customers certainly disagree! We believe in supplying the very finest quality print at the best prices available and we back that up with our price match promise. You can check our prices and get instant quotes online too, so you know exactly how much your job will cost.

4. Myth:  Direct Mail is Junk Mail

Well-targeted direct mail will always be read and 73% of consumers say they prefer printed mail marketing to emails.

5. Myth: Small Businesses can’t afford Print

With the low prices we offer on leaflets, stickers, brochures and outdoor advertising, our small business customers would argue that they can’t afford not to run print marketing campaigns. Well-run promotions always see returns payback print costs and much more.

6.  Myth: Only the Big Companies can afford Creative Print Marketing

There are a number of ways to get creative, whatever your budget. Ever thought of going guerilla with a sticker or flyer campaign? Or have you considered outdoor advertising? Many types of print marketing are hugely effective and probably a lot cheaper than you think.

7.  Myth: Email Marketing can Reach more People

Maybe it can. But unless the recipients want your products or services, your emails are a waste of time and serve only to irritate. Targeted print marketing is much more likely to generate sales than a blanket email campaign.

8.  Myth:  Anyone can be a Designer

There’s a huge amount of printed marketing out there so yours needs to stand out. Cheap design will give a poor impression of your business. Good designers will ensure that printed marketing looks professional and eye-catching.

9.  Myth: Online Marketing is the Future

There’s no denying that good online marketing can achieve great results. But many of the most successful campaigns use print and digital techniques side-by-side. Printed material can drive traffic to websites and social media where people can buy online.

10.  Myth: All Printers are the Same

Nothing could be further from the truth. At TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk we pride ourselves on the quality of our print. We use only top of the range digital presses to produce the very best print available. That’s why we guarantee it!

At TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk we supply an extensive range of products, from stickers and business cards right up to 96 sheet billboard posters. Register online to get 50% off your first order and free delivery. There are all sorts of rewards for our trade customers, so to find out you can benefit and see our full range of products, visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk  today!

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