Avoid common problems with Outdoor Posters


Outdoor poster advertising is more affordable than ever and that’s great news for print resellers, advertising or marketing agencies and designers. Offering outdoor advertising like adshels and 48 sheets can really add value to your service and take your clients into a marketplace they may have previously considered beyond their budget. Good outdoor posters have a positive and lasting effect on business but the size and reach of outdoor advertising makes it extremely important that you get very aspect right. Even huge corporations get it wrong sometimes so make sure your outdoor poster doesn’t get talked about for all the wrong reasons.

 Check your calendar

Outdoor poster campaigns are often conceived months in advance. Of course some events such as big news stories are completely outside our control. However, holidays, religious dates and festivals are set in stone and can have an effect on your advertising or marketing. The Outdoor Marketing Campaign Calendar lists all the dates you need to know and can be downloaded from many marketing resource websites. Posting a campaign at the wrong time might cause offence or distort your client’s message and see the campaign get the sort of publicity no-one wants.


Size matters

With outdoor posters size really does matter and no area is more important than the size of your text. For a 48 sheet poster that typically needs to be read in around five seconds a great guide to its effectiveness is to print out your design at business card size and hold it at arm’s length. Are you still getting the message?


Avoid potential own goals

QR codes on roadside posters mainly seen by drivers are always a bad idea for obvious reasons. A motorway 48 sheet poster in the US warned of the dangers of texting while driving. However, the call to action beneath the headline invited drivers to text a special number for more safe driving tips. It’s easy to see the flaw there…


Don’t ignore your own expertise

Your client will often become attached to their own ideas. However, as their designer or print buyer you’ll take the blame if the final poster doesn’t work. If you can see a problem with a customer’s concept or message, explain it in a professional manner and offer alternatives. As an expert in your field good advice is part of your service and clients will respect your professionalism.


TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk supply outdoor posters at superb trade prices. Form A2 sized posters, through six sheet adshels right up to 48 and 96 sheets, our outdoor range is more affordable than ever before. If your customers have previously discounted outdoor campaigns as beyond their budget our prices might well make them think again. Register online to get instant quotes and to see our full range. We use high definition large format presses to produce print and image reproduction that’s perfect for your outdoor posters. For more information on outdoor posters or to register as a trade customer, visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk.


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