Why your clients need printed brochures

Printed Brochures

As designer or print reseller you may well have clients who do some or all of their business online. However, even businesses that depend on their websites or e-shops for sales will really benefit from professionally designed printed brochures. There are plenty of reasons why your clients still need printed brochures and there are plenty of ways to convince them it’s time to get their new brochures designed, printed and out into the marketplace.

The benefits of printed brochures

Printed brochures are extremely effective marketing tools. Brochures are:

• Easily affordable
The range of sizes, styles and types of brochure means there’s something to fit every budget.
• Versatile
Printed brochures can be delivered, displayed, inserted into press and other publications or distributed by hand. You can use your printed brochure any way you want.
• Easily distributed directly to your target market
Know your market? Deliver the brochures directly to potential customers or display wherever your target market is likely to be.
• Tactile, tangible marketing
Touch is a powerful tool in engaging customers. Brochures allow people to browse and study at their leisure.
• Read more thoroughly than online information
We scan information online, quickly deciding if it’s of interest, If not, we move on. Printed brochures hold the attention for longer and we’re much more likely to revisit them at a later date.

What is a brochure used for?
Even clients who don’t depend solely on digital media for sales might wonder, “What is a brochure used for? Why do I need a brochure?”
Printed brochures allow a great deal of information to be clearly and neatly displayed in one place. Clients can list products or services, introduce their business, give their company history, show prices and get their message across in a professional and effective way. In a world of flashing banner ads and email marketing a professionally printed brochure really stands out from online competition.

How to make a great brochure
Having won over your client with the many advantages of a printed brochure the next stage is its production. Your client may know roughly what they want but it’s important they can communicate this to you or their designer. A good brief will answer the following questions:

• What is the brochure going to be used for?
• What’s the budget?
• Who is the target market?
• How will the brochure be distributed?
• How long is the expected marketing life of the brochure?

To make a great brochure there needs to be great communication between client, designer and printer.

Where to print brochures
Wondering where to print your brochures? Right here! At TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk we supply a full range of brochures for a wide variety of trade customers from start-ups to large established companies. With sizes from A6 to A3 and a superb range of paper types, weights and finishes you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Have a look on our website where you’ll be taken through all the options. You can get instant prices, upload and order your new brochure from any desktop or mobile device. Our print quality and prices are guaranteed so you know you’re getting exceptional print at the best value. Visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk and get your new brochure working for you today!


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