How your customers can use business stickers and labels

business stickers and labelsBusiness stickers and labels are one of the most under-utilised promotional tactics there is. They offer an extremely versatile and cost-effective advertising method, yet it’s safe to assume that the majority of your customers are failing to put them to good use. Therefore, in this post, Trade Digital Print demonstrates how your customers can use business stickers and labels to elevate their business to a new level.

How to use business stickers and labels

1. Place them on customer-facing surfaces

Most businesses will have a clear idea of what their target audience is; what their likes and dislikes are; and where they are likely to conjugate. Once your customers have ascertained this information, business stickers and labels can be strategically placed in these areas, highlighting what products and services their business has to offer whilst increasing the likelihood of engagement from passers-by.

2. Branding

Business stickers and labels are great for achieving brand consistency. Why? That’s easy: because of their versatility. A branded business sticker can be placed just about anywhere, such as home delivery boxes if your customers sell items online or as a letter seal for correspondence documents. What’s more, business stickers and labels can constitute their own sticker marketing campaign. In this case, your customers may wish to co-brand with other businesses and leave a selection of stickers at the front desk of each establishment in a bid to increase the scope of their target audience.

3. Free gifts

If your customers are attending a trade show or exhibition, business stickers and labels make the perfect free gift. Due to their manageable size, they can be handed out with ease or left in a pile at your stall where on-lookers can pick up a bundle and share them with their friends and family. Custom business stickers include key information, such as a business logo, web address and telephone number – this helps potential customers to get into contact with your customers business if they want more information.

Business stickers and labels at

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