Effective exhibition stands – The best design advice for your clients

exhibition standsClients trust designers to come up with ideas and graphics that look great and more importantly, work. Some print resellers don’t see this as within their remit but offering good design advice really adds value to your service, especially with clients who supply their own layouts but also with designers who are not used to working with certain media.

Exhibition stands are specialist products that are great for your print reselling business. They can lead to great markups and give you the opportunity to sell further print and marketing used at exhibitions, shows and events.

With printed marketing, one design doesn’t fit all

Clients may want to use their brochure cover, flyer or other existing print as a design template for their stand. However exhibition stand design is an area all of its own, so help get your client an effective stand by giving them a few tips.

Short – snappy – simple

An exhibition stand needs to get the message across quickly and clearly. Make it easy for passers-by to immediately understand yours. Use short sentences or headlines, big, easy to read fonts and keep text to a minimum.

Get the picture

A striking image will get noticed more than any words. Avoid bland stock photography and go for something unique that really grabs people’s attention even from a distance. Only use sharp, high-resolution images. Low-quality pics or images that are enlarged too much will ruin any design.

Top-heavy is good

Your logo and any vital information should be at the top of your stand. People read left to right, top to bottom so make it easy for them to get the message. Remind your client that that lower parts of your exhibition stand might be obscured by tables, chairs or even people, so information or images in the bottom half could be lost completely.

ALWAYS copy check.

Clients probably won’t expect their print reseller to read and check content for typos or grammatical errors. However, they’ll really appreciate it if you spot something before print. Exhibition stands have little text so checking it won’t take long but it will certainly add value to your service – especially if you flag up an error that would have really damaged your client’s image if it had gone unnoticed.

The best pop-up and roll-up exhibition stands from TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk

We launched TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk to supply a professional, premium print service exclusive to trade customers such as print resellers, designers, marketers and advertising agencies. Our range of products covers everything you need to offer your clients a comprehensive printing service. Our range of exhibition stands includes roll up banner stands in a variety of widths and our superb 3m x 3m Rapide pop-up stand. All are available to view on our award-winning website where you can get instant prices, upload artwork, order and arrange delivery. To find out more or to register as a trade customer visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk or contact our expert trade print team today.


Exhibition Stands

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