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large format trade printing

In the increasingly competitive world of print, designers and print resellers are constantly balancing the quality and service of their print partner against price. Successful resellers and their customers know that value for money is far important than initial cost and that value can be added in a number of ways. The quality of the print, the level of customer service, reliability, turnaround times and product range are all taken into account by customers and decision makers.

More markup makes sense
As a reseller not only will you want to provide the best all-round print service to your customers, but you’ll want to make a profit. That’s not always easy on products like flyers or leaflets where margins often need to be small in order for you to stay competitive. That’s why many print resellers upsell products were larger markups are possible.

Large format means bigger margins
Large format products are great for resellers. They’re high-impact advertising and many large format products cost much less than most people think. That makes them great value and potentially great for your margins! Some great value large format trade print products are listed below:

48/96 sheet posters
Few products make more impact than 48 and 96 sheet posters and customers are always very pleasantly surprised at how little they cost. Research shows that 98% of the UK population sees outdoor advertising every week and it is by far the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) form of advertising. Those are figures your customers will love to hear and they’ll love that you can offer them such a service.

Roll up stands
Whether for one-off use at an event or as a more permanent or multi-use marketing tool, roll up stands are a great addition to your print arsenal. Prices can be very low for single use stands while the best roll up stands are extremely durable and will last many, many years. Standing at around 2m tall, roll up banners provide high visibility, high impact advertising for use at events or trade shows, retail premises, reception areas and business premises.

See-through window graphics
Many high street stores, buses and company vehicles now use see-through window graphics that really grab the attention and allow customers to advertise their brand, products, and services. The graphics can be clearly seen from the outside while the people inside can still see out. If your customer has premises or company vehicles, introduce them to this striking and effective form of marketing.

Large format products for trade print resellers are great additions to your product range. Being able to offer large format posters, vinyls, exhibition stands, window and backlit graphics give you, even more, creditability when talking to potential and existing clients.

TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk offers a full, professional high-quality printing service for trade customers. We offer an extensive range of large format products, all printed using our high definition presses to produce excellent colour reproduction and images that are perfect for large format. We’ve built our reputation on superb print quality, reliable service, and trustworthy, guaranteed delivery. As well as large format we also offer a full range of printed marketing products. For more information on why TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk is your perfect partner in print, or to price and order your large format print, visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk.


Large Format Printing

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