Making a Profit from Trade Printing

Resell Print ProfitOur Top Tips on How to Make a Profit from Print Jobs

Having a big turnover might sound great, but when you really get down to the facts and figures of your business it’s profit levels, not volume that Make you money. And when you’re looking at ways to increase your profit, it’s usually best to look at your business practices rather than chase more and more volume. At we’re proud to work with a wide variety of trade customers and we’ve put together some tips on how best to really make a profit from print.

Choose a Reliable and Efficient Trade Printing Partner

You have your business to run, so when you outsource your print you need to know that both the product and service will be of a high quality. You don’t want to have to check that everything’s going smoothly and that your job will be ready when you need it. At we don’t just see ourselves as one of your suppliers; we want to be your partner in print. We use top of the range HP Indigo presses to produce print of the very highest quality so you know your job will arrive exactly as you want it. And we guarantee our print, our service and our delivery times. We take great pride in the service we provide and we’re delighted that our trade customers trust us to handle their printing needs from start to finish. We look after your print so that you can look after your business.

Look at Existing Accounts – and Up-Sell

For any business, it’s always important to seek out new customers and it’s no different when selling print. However, if you want to increase profits it’s often a good idea to look at your existing customers. You know they already have a need for print and are happy with your service, so as well as ensuring their needs are always met, don’t be afraid to upsell or suggest other products they could use.

Grade your Prospects

When you’re looking at new prospects, ask yourself how likely they are to buy. How great is their need for your product? It’s better to concentrate on even a small sale to a good prospect than spend valuable hours chasing someone who is unlikely to buy.

Apply Price Based on Product, not Mark-Up

Some product sales will take more of your time than others. Some may require typically less mark-up because the competition is so high and there are many similar products on the market. You can apply a greater mark-up to more specialised products, like PVC banners, vinyls, roll up banner stands and books. See each sale individually and don’t use at a one size fits all pricing policy.

At we supply a vast range of printed marketing for our trade customers. If you’re a designer, resell print or use print for your own business, we’d love to be your partner in print. You can get an instant quote online so you know exactly what your job will cost. Register online for a trade account and we’ll give you 50% off your first order as well as free delivery. To find out more about the many benefits our trade customers enjoy including discounts and instant rewards, visit or contact our expert trade print team today!

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