Tasty menu printing tips to satisfy client appetites

Menu Printing
The importance of menu printing cannot be understated. Not only do printed menus introduce diners to the food and drink available, they serve as an extension of your client’s business and therefore require careful thought and attention. In this post, Trade Digital Print provides tasty menu printing tips to help you create amazing printed menus for your clients.

Account for scanning patterns

Research suggests that diners tend to read menus like a book, starting at the top left-hand corner and working down and subsequently to the right. Therefore, during the menu printing design phase, we recommend structuring content in such a way that is in accordance with the traditional dining format of starters, mains, dessert, cheese, coffee, liqueurs etc. This will enable diners to choose their courses in a fast and efficient manner.

Utilise sections

In line with the previous point, dividing menus into sections for each course adds to their accessibility. Within each course section, we recommend placing the higher value dishes towards the top of the list. Here, they are much more likely to be viewed by diner’s perusing eye.

Minimise imagery

Did you know that the overuse of images can actually detract from the quality of printed menus? Modern-day diners associate picture menus with low-quality and cheap food choices. We recommend menu printing with minimalistic designs that let the food descriptions do the talking.

Be descriptive

Effective dish descriptions are a critical aspect of menu printing. Descriptions must be written in such a way that sparks diner interest by getting stomachs grumbling. Use beautiful language to describe the food and drink available, highlighting the origin of the food, how fresh it is, how seasonal it is and so on. An additional tactic could be to incorporate a level of vagueness within printed menus to give dishes a sense of mystery and encourage diners to imagine the quality of the food they are about to receive.

Reinforce branding

The printed menus that you supply to your clients must reinforce their brand’s key messaging. This encompasses all aspects of menu printing, including the use of colours, typography, images and written content. You must supply brand-centric menus that are consistent with all other channels of your client’s business, such as a website, social media and so on.

Menu printing at TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk

At www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk, we offer high-quality menu printing using state of the art HP Indigo Digital Presses. We offer a variety of sizes, our most popular being A3 with a half-fold. Take your pick from a range of papers, including silk coated, gloss or our premium uncoated. What’s more, to reinforce the durability of the menus and make them easier for your clients to clean, we offer both matt and gloss lamination. Visit www.TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk to find out more about industry-leading menu printing.


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