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Outdoor Advertising

Think about this: outdoor advertising offers the LOWEST COST PER THOUSAND PEOPLE to see your message. Yet it’s not the first printed medium most businesses think about when considering how to get their marketing message across.

Billboards aren’t just for big business. In fact, outdoor advertising is the perfect medium for small business to get their message across to the most local of audiences: all of that lovely traffic passing your business sales message every day, and all of those pedestrians who are right up your street, ready to be turned into repeat customers…

Did we mention it offers the lowest cost per thousand people to see your message? A figure that may be higher in high volume, high traffic areas like town and city centres.

So, whether you’re an old hand at outdoor or completely new to this highly effective means of advertising, follow our guide to getting the most out of outdoor…

Keep it Simple

You want the main message to be easily – and quickly – readable from a distance. So think carefully about your headline: keep it short, make it funny, ask a question, or put your logo front and centre.

Do ONE thing that makes a statement.

Pick a Good Spot

It may be that you haven’t thought about outdoor advertising but you keep seeing a great ad by another company. If you’re seeing it, your customers are too! That spot may be near your business location, or in an area where you want to target new customers. In either case, your message – writ large – will give a big and lasting impression, putting you firmly on the map in any locality.

Make a BIG Impression

If this is your first time outdoors, it may seem daunting. But now is the time to go all out. If you’re too close to your business and aren’t sure about what to put on your poster, ask an expert. Any good graphic designer or advertising agency can give you lots of ideas that sit well with your business and brand. A bold statement says a lot about a business that’s confident in its product or service.

Size isn’t Everything

But it can help to make an impact. Of course, the bigger the poster, the more likely you are to be seen. We can print anything from 6 sheet, through 48 sheet to 96 sheet outdoor posters.

You can make just as much impact with a 6 sheet as a 96 sheet – if you know your audience, are clever about your message and give a good, strong call to action.

Picture This…

A dominant image is key. If you can, invest in good photography that is unique to your business: you’ll look unique and create maximum standout in your marketplace. Try to go with just one image: using too many confuses your viewer. And here’s a great tip: close-ups and details look awesome when they’re made into huge posters.

Use Lots of Space

This may seem at odds with the idea of using every available inch of space to get your message across. But, think about it: our built environment is already buzzing with noise and clutter. Some space around your message actually gives it additional stand out in a noisy street or on a busy road.

Tell them what to do Next

This is so important in any piece of print: do you want your potential customer to call a number, call into your premises or visit a website? Make your call to action as clear as possible.

Ready to go All Out?

You’ll be amazed at how little we charge for online poster printing for outdoor advertising – and how much you get for your money:

– No minimum print run
– Large format presses producing perfect images for outdoor
– Industry-standard outdoor 130gsm blue-black paper or 150gsm outdoor poster paper
– Water-resistant, strong, and adhere well to base surfaces; ideal for UK weather
– Designed for pasting on outdoor displays and billboards
– Crack-resistant, won’t flake and has minimal tearing

We can guarantee to price match, a really fast turnaround and the best quality print available anywhere. If you want to be even more creative, we can help with that too.

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