Perfect print for the perfect pitch

Business people in a meetingHow great print can help your new business presentation

Pitching to potential and even existing clients can be a nervy affair. You know others are out there trying to take that business – your business. That’s why you perfect everything from your presentation to the delivery of your concepts and designs. One area in which you can ensure quality is the print you bring to your pitch and leave with the customer. During your pitch and after you’ve gone your designs and print will be examined and discussed – often for a few days. So when it comes to both the quality and the presentation of your print you can’t afford anything short of perfection.

Tell your story with booklets

Professionally printed booklets are ideal both for showing your ideas and for giving a short history of your company. You can include samples of previous campaigns, product or client research and testimonials from existing clients – a great way to build trust with a new customer. Saddle stitched booklets look professional and are great for telling your story, while wiro bound documents are ideal for showing your ideas as you present them. Wiro bound books open fully and lie completely flat so are perfect for presentations.

Summarise your pitch with folded leaflets

Folded leaflets are excellent takeaway marketing. Include the main points from your presentation with great images or examples or work. You can make reference to the full presentation document or your website so your potential client can get more information at a time that suits them.

Business cards

Always bring business cards to your presentation. Have a look at your business cards now and ask yourself if they say everything you want them to about your business and your service. Do they need an update? Your business card is a hugely important piece of marketing. Will your card stand out from everyone else’s? Have you considered luxury paper for your card? Something special can really make you stand out and give you the edge over competitors – invaluable when looking for new business.

Keep it together with presentation folders

With the different types of print you’ll bring to your pitch it’s a great idea to use a presentation folder. A printed presentation folder is a great way to let your client easily take away your leaflets, booklets and printed research. It’s much more professional and certainly more convenient for your potential client than leaving them with various loose pieces of print.

Perfect pitching with your trade partner in print

We launched in 2016 to supply a full, professional trade print service for designers, advertising agencies, marketers and print resellers. Our digital printing process means there’s no minimum quantity – perfect for presentations and for customising your print for specific clients. Our customers trust us to deliver the best quality print to their deadlines and within their budgets. We take that trust very seriously and we’re proud of our reputation for supplying exceptional print and reliability. To find out more about how we can help you with perfect print simply visit or contact our trade print team today.

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