Reselling print? Read on.

The path to better margins for print resellers.

 Reselling Print

If reselling print is all or part of your business then you’ll know that understanding the motivation of each individual customer is important before you can advise on and supply the print they need. Very often, the cost is a large factor. But the cheapest option is not always the best value. And offering cheap print cuts into your margins, so how do you stay competitive?

Initial cost vs value for money
Every business or company is constantly trying to find ways to cut back on spending and reduce costs. However, as a reseller offering the cheapest printing service doesn’t equate to offering the best value for money. If you concentrate on providing excellent quality and attentive customer service you’ll pick up good customers. When clients know you’ll go further than other printers to meet their needs – and their deadlines – they’ll see the value of working with you over less reliable, budget printers. Many online print services reduce prices by printing large numbers of orders together in bulk so customers receive no personal service whatsoever. By showing that you know your customers’ jobs and understand their specific requirements you’ll add value to your service.

Don’t fall into the discount trap
Everyone loves a discount or special offer but don’t be tempted to offer discounts in the hope that doing so will bring you more business. It usually won’t and even it does the customer will expect the same discounts again. It’s better to concentrate on your service and the quality of the print you supply. You’re always better off making good margins from fewer, valuable customers than working for large numbers for next to no profit. Also, remember that some products allow you to make higher margins than others, so don’t be afraid to focus on these when advising on print.

Upsell to existing customers
It’s much easier to sell to existing customers because you already have a relationship with them. They trust you and understand the value of your service. That means they’re often liable to listen to advice on products without seeing the conversation as a sales pitch.

A good print reseller is priceless
Any print reseller’s reputation – and business – stands and falls on the printing service they supply. Your customers need to have complete trust in the quality of your print, your service and your turnaround times. To offer the best service and gain that trust you need to use a supplier who offers you the same. Check everything from the presses they use and their codes of practice to their customer service. Are areas like the quality of the work and their delivery times guaranteed? If they’re not prepared to guarantee every aspect of their service, look elsewhere.

In 2013 we recognised a need for a premium quality, reliable, UK based printer to supply trade customers and launched We decided to use only the best quality HP Indigo presses along with the high-end large-format presses and our aim has always been to supply the best trade print service you’ll find online. Our website, business practices, and quality have been rewarded with a number of industry awards but our main concern is to continue to supply an exceptional print service to our trade customers.

We want to work with you to supply a perfect printing service, so if you’d like to be your partners in print, simply visit or call our professional expert print team today.


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