Our Guide to 2016’s Seasonal Branding and Marketing Trends!

Christmas Greeting CardIt’s that time of the year again and by now you should be well into your Christmas marketing campaigns. At TradeDigitalPrint.co.uk, some of our trade customers spend much of the year planning their Christmas campaigns. Last year the UK spent over £70m in the festive season. Consumers spend more money at Christmas and as a business, you’ll want to get as much of the market as you can.

We like to stay ahead of what’s happening across the marketing world and our guide to this year’s marketing and branding trends could help you really boost your sales this Christmas.

Decorate for Christmas!

Nothing gets us in the Christmas mood like decorations and a bit of Christmas spirit. If you’re reprinting marketing to include extra offers, products or services for Christmas, give it a festive feel with Christmas colours or even some holly or other festive imagery. If your marketing is already printed, you can use printed stickers. These are great for advertising special offers, new products or just as Christmas decoration. Have a look on our website to see how printed stickers can add value or brighten up print and packaging at a low cost.

Target your Audience

With any advertising campaign, it’s vital to find and target your specific market. Christmas is no different. Have you thought about personalised mailing? People are much more likely to become loyal customers if your marketing includes their name. It builds trust and strengthens relationships. You can also reward regular customers with deals and offers. Find out who your customers are. What they do. Where they go. Targeting those most likely to buy will always produce more sales than more random mass marketing campaigns.

Plan your Campaign as a Whole

If you’re running Christmas marketing or advertising campaign, make sure your message is consistent across all of your print, press and online media. Print marketing is proven to be extremely successful in driving traffic to online stores and websites. It’s also great as stand-alone advertising because people engage much more with physical marketing than with online information.

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