Five effective ways to sell print

There are plenty of printers, print brokers and print resellers offering printing services to business. All offer great customer service and great prices. However, many use similar sales techniques or pitches and that can turn off potential customers. So what can you do to turn that lead or even cold call into a customer?

1. Stop focussing on customer service

Everyone thinks they supply great customer service. However, only 11% of customers believe they get above average customer service from suppliers and perhaps more surprisingly, they’re not that bothered. In the UK today people expect good customer service as standard so don’t put it at the front of your sales pitch. If you meet a potential customer’s requirements in other ways, of course, they’ll want to know about customer service too but that will come further down the line. Your customer service should be excellent but it’s not a unique selling point so concentrate on other aspects of what you can offer.

2. Identify potential customers’ problems and solve them

All anyone wants from their print reseller is a solution to their print problem so find out what that is. Ask questions rather than simply list your services or the advantages of working with you. When you know exactly what a potential customer needs and can solve their specific problem, they’re much more likely to buy.

3. Be unique

What makes you different to other print resellers? Do you offer a bigger range of products? Can you offer a full print management service? Can you guarantee the quality of products you supply? Do you offer products that others don’t? Find your USP and use it to set you apart from competitors.

4. Use social media well

Informative articles on social media pages, news updates and blogs help portray you as an expert in your field and will build credibility for your brand and service. Don’t use social media to sell directly. Instead, inform and engage to build up relationships. Once you’ve built up trust and credibility you can suggest a call or to meet for a chat.

5. Take the hassle from print

Anything you can do to make your customers’ life easier will add value to your print resell service. Many businesses aren’t familiar with the precise artwork requirements of printers. Can you offer artwork templates for all the print products you supply? Assure potential customers that you will ensure they or their designer has a full artwork specification. Businesses love knowing that their print job is in safe hands from the moment they order to the moment it’s delivered. If you can show a potential customer they won’t have to worry about their print, you’ll become a highly valued supplier. supply a professional printing service to trade customers. We use only HP Indigo digital and Roland large-format presses to produce the best digital print in the UK marketplace. We guarantee every aspect of the trade print service we supply and would love to work with you to supply professional, market-leading print to your customers. To find out more about our products, services and print management systems visit or contact our experienced trade print team today.

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