Successful print selling to today’s marketers

The marketing world has changed – Make sure your sales approach has tooSelling print To Marketers

We live in a digital world where we’re bombarded with marketing messages from more kinds of media than ever before. That has seen advertisers and marketers change how they do business. As printers, print resellers or print buyers we also have to change how we approach print selling to marketers and that requires us to really understand their needs in the modern world.

The 4 Ps are dead – Long Live revenue

Price, Product, Promotion, and Place; the 4 Ps was the traditional mantra taught to every marketing student as an explanation of how marketing worked. Today they should only be seen as an example of how marketing was once viewed. Revenue is all that matters to marketers and their clients. Digital analytics and real-time performance tracking means businesses can measure the results or return on investment (ROI) of advertising campaigns. That means print resellers must work with customers to find a marketing mix that suits their clients’ specific needs. Marketers need to understand their clients’ goals and print resellers need to help marketers work out how print can fit into an overall marketing strategy.

All round approach

Good print resellers understand how print and digital marketing can work together to form successful campaigns and more importantly, generate revenue and good ROI results. UK Print Industry figures published by BPIF show that while online marketing enjoys the greatest media spend, print comes a close second and over 63% of businesses reported a marked increase in ROI when they combined print with their existing online campaigns.

New technology leads to print sales to marketers

Modern digital printing technologies allow businesses to measure ROI on print products using coupon codes and tracking numbers. Marketers love this as they can demonstrate clearly how well each element of marketing works and how much revenue it has created. It pays to be more creative when selling print to marketers and that means showing them how they can show their clients measurable results.

Ask the right questions – then provide the solution

If you want to sell print to marketers you need to be able to provide effective, revenue-driven marketing solutions. To do that, you need to understand their goals and aims. Are customers struggling to integrate print and digital mediums? Do sales teams have the tools they need to find and close good leads? Do clients understand how technology has made modern printing more cost-effective, faster, more reliable and of a consistently high quality?

Partner with and sell more print to marketers

At we have the products, quality, technology, and reputation to help you sell print to marketers. Our award-winning website and production system allows tracking of every job from order to delivery and our HP Indigo presses produce print of an exceptionally high quality. To find out more or to register as a trade customer visit or contact our trade print team today.

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