Great sales opportunities with stapled documents

Stapled DocumentsWhen your clients should use stapled documents
Stapled documents have been one of our most popular print products for a great many years and are always in high demand from our trade customers. As a designer or a print reseller, saddle stitched documents are great weapons to add to your sales arsenal. They’re one of the most cost effective types of booklet, they look great and they can be turned around really quickly. There are a number of advantages of stapled documents and explaining these can be very helpful when selling print to your clients.

Common uses for stapled documents
As a designer or print reseller not only can you advise on the best solutions for requested print, but you can also upsell and advise on other useful marketing tools you feel they may need. Good, expert advice adds value to your service so ask yourself how a client might use extra print. At we print stapled documents that businesses regularly use as:

• Magazines
• Brochures and company booklets
• Company, monthly and annual reports
• Event programmes

Your stapled document can have up to 68 printed pages or as few as eight so they’re also great for use as comics and colouring books. Many bars and restaurants love these because they’re great for attracting families.

Small print run? No problem!
Our digital printing techniques mean that unlike other traditional printing methods there’s no minimum quantity. That means your clients can have as many or as few as they need. While smaller numbers may not bring in a huge profit, supplying small amounts is a great, personal service that can help build or strengthen your relationship with your client. And whether you order one or 1000, we’ll always print your stapled document using our HP Indigo presses so your colours and images will be of exceptional quality.

Go bespoke with luxury paper
If you want to offer something extra special, have a look at our luxury paper range. Customers often use these beautiful papers to print wedding stationery or promote luxury and bespoke products for clients. Order a sample book and let your clients see and feel the superb range of papers on offer.

Offer more design options
Stapled documents allow designs to go across full spreads. Clients who need to show large graphics or diagrams find this very useful and with a full spread to play with, you can really get creative. Our stapled documents start at A6 size and go up to A4 giving you an A3 spread for a really big impact.

Let your clients see just how little a stapled document costs. As a trade customer, you’ll see new offers all the time on booklets and other products across our range. All our trade customers enjoy great prices, benefits, special offers and a reward scheme. You can get an instant quote, upload artwork and order online. Remember, once you register you’ll get 50% off your first order as well as free delivery! We guarantee our print quality, our service and our delivery time so to find out more or to become a trade customer, simply visit or contact our expert print team today.

Stapled Documents

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