Top Three Questions to Ask Clients before Designing a Logo for Print.

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A logo is probably the most important design element in any company’s branding. Most of the work we print for our trade customers includes a company logo, so we know that business owners, quite rightly, will be extremely particular about the look, feel and message portrayed by their logo. Some designers can become very frustrated if their ideas and concepts are rejected because they don’t fit criteria that they hadn’t previously been aware of.

That’s why, before you even think about how the logo might look, you should meet with your client and ask a number of questions to get as much information as possible.

Building the Brand

Clients identify with their company logo more than any other part of their brand. For new businesses, seeing their logo in print is often the moment when they realise that their business has arrived. It’s the realisation of perhaps years of dreams, planning and work. So before you design your client’s new logo, you’ll need to find out about them, their likes and dislikes, the business, its target market, its goals and its business message.

Building a Relationship

You’ve been entrusted to design the most important, widely used and customer-facing element of your client’s business. Get it right and you should enjoy a very long and lasting relationship with your customer. They’ll talk to other businesses too, so if their experience of working with you is a good one, you could soon find more work coming your way.

Before you meet your client about their logo, note down all the questions you want to ask. You should have a lot of them and to help you, we’ve listed three that should always be on that list:

Question 1: Describe your Business, its Values and its Goals

The logo has to portray as much as possible about the aims and values of the company. Asking your client what these are will tell you a great deal not only about their business ideals, but about what makes them tick and how they’d like their company to be perceived.

Question 2: Who is your Target Market?

Is the target audience around a certain age? What do they do? Are they mainly male or female? Where do they live? How much do they earn? Is the business dealing with the public or with other businesses? It’s vital to know everything possible about the target market before you look at the logo.

Question 3: What other Business Logos do you Like or Dislike. Why?

There’s nothing more frustrating than presenting a logo or design ideas only to find out that you’ve used a particular font, colour combination or element that your client has never liked. Or arriving to show your client some ideas to find that they’ve recently collected some examples of other work they like.

Find out from the outset if your client has any pet hates or if there are any other logos they like or dislike. This will save you hours and possibly days of work.

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