The Top 3 Presentation Booklet Prints

Booklet PrintsIf you are a print reseller, it’s safe to say that you want to supply products that your customers will love. But with the plethora of booklet printing options out there, it can be easy to suffer from decision-making paralysis when it comes to choosing what to order. That’s why, in this post, Trade Digital Print highlights the top 3 presentation booklet prints that are sure to be a hit with your customers.

What are the top 3 presentation booklet prints?

   1. Saddle stitched books

Saddle stitched books – also known as stapled documents – are a cost effective and reliable presentation booklet printing method. Saddle stitching means to bind pages together using staples along the spine. Although saddle stitched books are only suitable for documents up to 48 pages long, they offer a sharp and professional finish at a low price. Here at Trade Digital Print, for documents over 24 pages long, we square off the spine of the book to avoid the infuriating springing open that commonly occurs with similar binding methods. Saddle stitched books are perfect for monthly reports and promotional brochures due to their smaller size.

   2. Perfect bound books

Don’t worry, if your customers have a document over 48 pages long, we have the perfect solution: perfect bound books. This high quality presentation booklet printing method is suitable for documents between 40 and 700 pages, depending on the selected paper weight. In this method, pages are bound together using a strong-yet-flexible adhesive, ensuring a smooth and stylish finish. At Trade Digital Print, we only use top of the range PUR glue for perfect binding due to its tolerance to temperature change and enhanced flexibility. Because of their size, perfect bound books are suitable for most types of presentation booklet; however, they are typically used as catalogues and for annual business reports.

   3. Spiral bound books

Lastly, we have spiral bound books. If your customers require a presentation booklet for reference material, then this is the binding method for you. As the name suggests, pages are bound together using a metal spiral or wire which is inserted in punched holes along the spine of the book. The benefit of this style of presentation booklet is that pages can both lie flat and fully back around without any tension required. Spiral bound books are suitable for documents between 8 and 360 printed sides.

Presentation booklet prints at

All styles of presentation booklet prints at are available in a range of sizes. What’s more, they are highly customisable; choose from a range of luxury paper options and professional finishes to ensure the perfect end product. To save you the hassle, why not let us deliver straight to your customer in plain and unbranded packaging? Visit today to get started.


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