Essential qualities of successful Graphic Designers

There are a number of qualities that are shared by every successful graphic designer. spoke to some of our customers to find out what people look for in a good graphic designer.

Graphic Designers choose

So whether you use a graphic designer for your business, handle your own graphic design or are a professional graphic designer yourself, you might be interested to see our guide to the Essential qualities of successful Graphic Designers!

Obviously, all good graphic designers have a talent for what they do. But in business, that’s not always enough. We’ve found that there are many other qualities customers expect – and demand – from their designer.

Good communication
Before being able to communicate the customer’s ideas, business values and brand, the designer needs to understand the customer’s needs. Often people are poor at articulating what they want from their design, so as a designer, you have to coax this from them. While you’re the expert, it pays to keep an open mind, patience and sometimes show willingness to compromise on certain ideas. If you ask the right questions and gain a good understanding of your client’s business and aims, the process will be easier for both designer and client.

Passion and a love of what you do
At, we have a real passion for print! And anyone in design must have a love of art, a desire to explore and real passion for what they do. As a designer, you’ll be working long and often irregular hours. You’ll be working to sometimes bizarre briefs and have punishing workloads. Good designers know this but they deal with the hours and the workload because they want their work to be perfect. Good time management is also essential. No designer can balance all of these skills and still deliver excellent, creative design without real passion and love for their art.

Patience and an open mind
As the designer, you may be the professional, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get questioned or your work criticised. Of course, clients can seem difficult and their opinions seem hard to understand. They may not know what they really want themselves until they see it. But they’re paying for the service and getting too precious or refusing to compromise won’t help the job or your business. Often design is an evolving process and great results can be achieved with designer and client working together until all the pieces fit.

Of course, clients want artistic creativity in their designers, but they also have deadlines. They need to know that their designer will deliver on time, answer their calls and manage their needs. That’s another reason why many designers consistently use Your client’s deadlines become your deadlines and when you work with us, we make sure they become ours too. We know how important deadlines are in business and that’s why we guarantee your job will be ready when we say it will.

Many of our customers are designers, either working for themselves or in large agencies. Some of our customers source and resell design and print to their clients. We want to be part of your team and help you help your customers. You’ll find the full range of print products and services at so visit our website or contact our expert trade team today!

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