Is your trade print provider the perfect partner?

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Five essential questions to ask before working with a trade printer
As a print reseller, your reputation depends on the quality and service you get from your suppliers. It’s vital to your business that your customers can trust you to deliver their print on time and to the highest standards so choose your print partner carefully. Before you commit to ordering print ask your trade print provider a few questions. You can even put these in the form of a questionnaire. Don’t be shy about this. Your business depends on their service and a professional, reputable trade printer will be only too happy to prove that they’re the right supplier for you.

1. Do they log production errors and how do they address them?
Exactly how many production errors did your potential trade print provider log in the last three months and how did they deal with them? What were the most common errors in production? What steps have been taken to ensure they don’t reoccur? A trade printer who can’t or won’t give you specific figures either isn’t on top of their production doesn’t have necessary quality control measures in place or worst of all, doesn’t want you to know. If they’re not telling you what you want to know then walk away.

2. What percentage of their deadlines are met successfully?
If they say 100%, look further. Very few businesses can boast a 100% success rate when it comes to on-time delivery. Postal problems, traffic or weather problem mean that even the very best delivery systems can run into problems occasionally. These delivery problems should be very rare but look for guarantees that offer money back for any delivery deadlines that aren’t met.

3. How many customer complaints have they had and how did they resolve them?
Any professional trade printer wants customers to be delighted with every element of their job from the print quality to the delivery. Good printers welcome all feedback and log any occasion on which the customer isn’t 100% happy. If they don’t, they can’t demonstrate excellence in customer service. Get specifics. Find out what sort of complaints they’ve had and exactly what they did to resolve them.

4. What do their customers think of their service?
Many printers will have reviews on their website but they won’t publish poor feedback. Check independent review sites. Printers can’t police these so they’re a much more accurate way of finding out what customers really think.

5. Do they guarantee their work?
Put simply, any professional trade print supplier must guarantee their service from the quality of their work to their delivery times. If they don’t believe in their own service enough to offer guarantees then they can’t be trusted. was launched last year to provide a professional printing service for trade customers throughout the UK. We’ve built our reputation on excellence in the quality of our print and our service. We guarantee our print and our delivery times so you have complete peace of mind that you and your customers are receiving the best print service available. To find out more about the benefits of partnering with award-winning, simply visit or contact our expert trade print team today.

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