Top tips for designing an effective roll up banner stand

Roll Up Banner StandRoll up banner stands serve a multitude of purposes. They might advertise one-off events or be used more widely to introduce a business in trade shows or conferences. That’s why at we supply an extensive range of types and sizes to suit every purpose whether you need a stand you can use again and again for years, or something for a particular event.

Different medium – different rules Roll up banner stands are as important as any part of the marketing mix, but their design rules differ slightly due to how and where the stands are used. Roll up banner stands need to grab attention and get their message across in seconds. To make sure your roll up banner stand is really effective we’ve published a few tips you can use as a guide. Put your logo at the top  

The eye will go to the top first, so put your logo there for all to see. Make sure it’s a vector file or high res image.

Put your main message under your logo – and keep it short  

People read from the top down, left to right. Get the attention quickly but don’t try to sell all of your services or products on your roller banner stand. Your message should be short and easily read in seconds.

Big is beautiful  

Use big lettering in a clear, easy to read font. Your type and your graphics or images must have immediate impact. Remember that your stand must be seen from distance and may be competing with other stands or media.

Be brand consistent  

The design of your roller banner stand should be consistent with all of your marketing, from the fonts to the colours and graphics used.

Think about the location when designing your roller banner stand

If your banner stand is to be used in multiple locations, remember to keep the headline generic and relevant anywhere. If part of the stand may be obscured by a table or counter at a future event, make sure the design and text are high enough to be seen.

Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum – stands for all purposes

At we supply a full range of roller banner stands from our entry level Bronze stand – great for single and short term use, to our top of the range Platinum stand that will last a lifetime. The only difference in our stands is the weight and strength of the frames. The graphics are all printed on the same material using our high resolution large format presses that produce superb colour and image reproduction.

Whatever your budget, we’re sure you’ll find something in our range of roll up banner stands to suit. Our trade customers enjoy special benefits, exclusive trade offers and deals as well as immediate rewards. Once you register you’ll get 50% off your first order and free delivery. We’ve over 20 years’ experience in trade print and we’re proud of our reputation for exceptional quality, service and reliability. To find out more about the advantages of becoming a trade customer, to see our full product range or to order your print online, visit or contact our expert trade print team today.

Roll Up Banner Stands

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