Stuck in a font rut?

Moving away from your favourite fonts can really help your folded leaflet

LeafletsFolded leaflets are still a large a part of many marketing campaigns. A visit to any town centre, club or restaurant, local shop or even down the hall to your own mailbox will show just how much advertisers continue to rely on A4, 1/3 A4 and A5 folded leaflets. As a designer or marketer, you’ll also know how much competition there is. Great images and catchy headlines are great ways to get attention, but the headline font you use can really help your leaflet stand out too. It’s easy to fall back on our favourite fonts, but sometimes it can help to move out of your font comfort zone with some you might not have used often or even at all. We’ve taken a look at a few fonts for different styles. Some you’ll have seen before – some maybe not.

Sawdust Marionette
Since it’s October we’ll start with a delightfully creepy looking Halloween font. A serif font but with a loose calligraphic feel, this font will make your Halloween folded leaflet look suitably spooky.

Art Deco
There are a number of classical style fonts. Art Deco is a beautiful and much more stylistic version of fonts like Caslon or Bella. A stylish retro font with broad strokes and fine lines. Perfect for that vintage 1920s New York or retro Paris look.

Thirsty Rough
Sticking with the retro look this textured, distressed script is available in a number of weights and styled on the advertising of the 1950s.

Need an authoritative message on your cover? This font will jump out from any leaflet. Chunky and reminiscent of 1970s public announcements or government posters, Authority will lend a real immediacy and importance to your message.

Isidora Sans
A modern looking headline alternative to old favourites like Futura, this sans serif typeface comes in a wide range of weights. It’s a clear and easily read font that’s perfect for headlines and subheads.

A beautiful mix of acute angles and perfectly rounded strokes, this is a striking modern display font that will lend style to any leaflet.

We hope you like something in our selection but even if none of them are exactly what you’re looking for we’ll sure they’ll help you to think of other alternatives that will help your folded leaflet leap out from the competition.

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