Top Tips for Successful Retail Marketing!

Retail MarketingAt we print a huge range of promotional and marketing products for our customers. Many trade customers are involved in retail; either directly or through designing and supplying printed products to their own clients. Point-of-sale advertising takes many forms and its placement, design and use are all important if it’s to have the desired effect – greater sales. We’ve put together a few tips on how to maximise the effect of your retail marketing.

Think about Location

The position of your promotional material is vital. Retail customers’ line of sight is one of the biggest influences on what and when they buy. Whether you’re advertising using posters, PVC vinyl banners or smaller printed marketing, think about the direction in which your customers will look. Make it easy for them to see what you want them to see; then you’ll see the results.

Remember the Impulse Effect

Don’t under-estimate the power of impulse. We supply a huge amount of outdoor advertising posters, from adshels right up to 48 and 96 sheet billboard posters. A massive 92% of shoppers interviewed in a study by the Outdoor Media Centre said they’d bought products within 30 minutes of seeing them advertised on a poster. 82% said they’d purchased on impulse on the same day they saw a promotion. In-store posters on the way to the payment counter are also likely to encourage impulse buys.

Everybody Loves a Sale

Shoppers love sales. We all love to think we’re getting a better deal. Many of our trade customers use our see-through window graphics to advertise sales, increasing walk-in trade from passers-by. See-through window graphics are extremely effective and allow those outside to see the message clearly while people inside can still see out. You can make a big impact on customers and on your sales by advertising special deals and prices.

Make a BIG Impression

Getting your message noticed is a key element in producing really effective marketing. As well as enjoying great trade prices on outdoor posters, our customers at also benefit from great deals on other popular favourites like posters, PVC vinyl banners and self-adhesive graphics. Our presses are top of the range, producing the highest quality images and graphics, so your marketing will have maximum impact and look amazing!

Our range of printed marketing products is growing all the time and our trade customers enjoy great prices, benefits, special offers and a reward scheme. You can get an instant quote, upload artwork and order online. Remember, once you register you’ll get 50% off your first order as well as free delivery! Simply visit or contact our expert print team today to see how our retail marketing solutions can help your business!

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