The advantages of brochure printing for trade customers

Printed Brochures at brochures to sell your products

Whatever your business or the products you sell, printed company brochures remain a tried, trusted and cost effective way to increase your sales. Even in today’s digital age, printed brochures for trade, retail and business are among the most effective methods of engaging customers. New and existing customers will always spend longer browsing a printed brochure than they’ll spend looking at content online. Research shows that print engages people much more than smart phones or computers. Maybe that’s why brochure printing for trade remains such a large part of what we do at

Brochure printing for trade – Cost effective marketing that works
Whether you’re advertising products, services, launching a new business or simply telling people what you do, brochure printing is a proven way to increase both sales and brand awareness.

Printed brochures – anytime, any place, anywhere

One of the many advantages of using brochure printing as a marketing tool for trade or business is that your brochures can go anywhere. They can be displayed in retail or business premises, at trade shows, conferences and events. You can give them to potential or existing customers or send them with goods or in direct mail campaigns. You can advertise your brochures on your web and social media pages or insert brochures into other publications. There are so many ways to get your message out there with printed brochures. Maybe that’s why they’re so popular.

Choose your type of brochure
Depending on its page count and intended use, your brochure might be:

Perfect bound
Perfect bound books have the pages stacked before being glued together along the spine. It’s a great method for documents of between 40 and 700 printed pages. This page range makes perfect bound a common method for company brochures or magazines as well as books and reports.

Saddle stitched
Saddle stitching is extremely popular for brochures, catalogues and company booklets that are between eight and 64 pages. Because saddle stitched brochures are made by folding the spreads and stapling them along the fold, designs and images can run across full spreads.

Wiro bound
Stacked pages are hole punched along the rear edge and bound together with wire. Wiro bound brochures have between two and 180 leaves printed on both side, making up to 360 printed pages. Wiro bound brochures open and lie completely flat making them great for presentations or when you need to refer to the brochure while explaining your products or services.

Sizes for every use
Our brochures come in an extensive range of sizes from A6 right up to A3. Choose portrait or landscape formats as well as 210mmx 210mm square. Whether your want to display, hand out or send your brochures, we have the perfect size for your needs.

The best brochure printing for trade – guaranteed!
We guarantee every aspect of our service, from the quality of our print to our turnaround and delivery times. We use only HP Indigo digital presses to produce the highest quality digital print on the market and we’re fiercely determined to continue to build on our reputation for quality, reliability and exceptional service.

Check our website for more information on brochure printing for trade. You can get a quote, upload artwork, order your brochure and arrange delivery online. When you register as a new customer with you’ll get 50% off your first order and free delivery. Our trade customers enjoy trade only deals, exclusive offers for trade, regular benefits and immediate rewards so to join them or to order your printed brochure simply visit or contact our expert team of trade printers today.


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