Print design trends for 2017

Printed Booklets

With each New Year comes new trends in marketing and print. 2017 is no different and below, we take a look ahead to see how print will evolve in the coming year. Even more combined printed and online marketing campaigns in 2017.

We can be sure that print and online marketing will continue to work together in the most effective campaigns. Despite the boom in online media over recent years, advertisers know that businesses enjoy the best results when they use printed materials. A 2014 US survey looking at the retail sector found that 56% of consumers surveyed cited printed mail as the main source of information used to make buying decisions. That’s nearly 20% higher than the nearest digital or online influence.

People are still more liable to read and engage with printed booklets or leaflets than to browse online. A 2013 ABM survey on B2B end users found that 69% used magazines when looking for information about new products or services – only 11% behind websites.

Print and Digital Cross-Pollination

The inclusion of personalised URLs or QR codes on printed materials will be increasingly popular in 2017. It’s a great way to drive traffic to websites and online media pages. It’s also invaluable in tracking where and when online visitors have interacted with your printed marketing. Similarly, many companies use their social media pages or websites to help launch printed marketing campaigns.

Personalised Printing

Personalising print is extremely effective in producing new and returning business. Targeted mail drops are much more likely to gain responses than random mass marketing campaigns. At we print a great deal of personalised marketing for our trade customers. Find out more on our website.

Coordinated Strategies

With so much going on in combined print and online campaigns, it’s vital to make sure all departments are sharing data so that everyone has an accurate and complete picture of the strategy. That way, problems can be quickly identified and tackled accordingly.

Digital Brands using Print as a Marketing Tool

Leading digital brands are beginning to use more and more print to build awareness of their brands and increase online subscriptions. Companies like Air BnB and CNET now produce stylish glossy magazines with news articles and offers not available online until a later date. supply a huge range of magazines and other printed marketing products for our trade customers. Our website shows the full range of products we supply and you can get prices, upload artwork and order online.

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